Ten Ways to Keep Moving in the Right Career Direction

In attending the Inspired Entrepreneur Programme in London with Nick Williams I picked up some of the following tips and adapted them:

1. Create a Vision of Where You Want to Be in Your Life

Imagine your ideal life, your ideal work. What do you want it to look like and feel like? What would you like to hear yourself saying about your ideal life situation? Transcend your current situation, worries and cares and think about where you want to be long term. Create a ‘vision board’ containing pictures, words and images of what you want, or write a paragraph on your dream life.

2. Allow Yourself to Be “Powerful beyond Measure”

Often in life – due to our conditioning – we keep ourselves small and we are afraid of being successful. Some of us are brought up not “blow our own trumpets”, or not to get “too big for our own boots”. This social conditioning can stop us from stepping out and creating our own success.

In addition, our ego keeps us back, telling us things like… “Its not possible,” or that our dreams are beyond us. We may have thoughts such as, “You are too stupid to do that course”, or “You will fail”, or, “Who do you think you are?” We may worry about what others may think of us if we pursue our dreams. The combination of both social conditioning and negative self-talk prevents us from making strides forward in our lives, which would benefit both others and ourselves. Tap into the benefits of your career vision for yourself, your family, community or the people you want to serve. As Nelson Mandela said in his inaugural speech “Your playing small will not serve the world.”

3. Focus on the Services, Contributions and Difference You can make

By focusing on the service and the contribution you want to make through your life’s work, you give yourself the permission to pursue your dream career. Focusing on the difference you want to make can give you the impetus to move forward and take steps in the right direction. For example, if you were considering a Care Assistant Training Course in order to work with the elderly, then it would be helpful for you to focus on the difference you are going to make to the quality of life of older people.

4. Manage the Self-Talk on the Inside

Tell yourself you can do it! Talk to the side of you that holds you back and tell it that your goal is possible. If you are inclined to start worrying about what others think of you when you are pursuing your goal, tell yourself it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Say to yourself “Every day my goal is getting closer to me”.

5. Manage Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in living in accordance with our life purpose. Most of us usually think that our dreams are not that important. We keep putting off taking action and tell ourselves that we will do it ‘Someday’. As we all know, there is no day of the week named ‘Someday’.

In order to address procrastination, (a) Set small realistic goals; (b) Use your time wisely. Also it can be helpful to think about your goals for the next 18 months. Maybe you would like to have your own business. After doing this, draw out a map of all the baby steps and tiny actions – one step leading to another – which will enable you to serve your apprenticeship.

6. Build up a Support Network

Build up a support network of positive people, mentors and people who have been there and achieved what you want to do. Surround yourself with people who encourage you and have your best interests at heart. Joining clubs such as the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, Rotary Club or local community groups will expand your network of positive, progressive people. Building in daily contact with positive people will help keep you on track and can break social isolation if you are unemployed.

7. Use Support Agencies

By using the help of support agencies and educational services, you can build up your practical know-how and implement your career plan. There are a host of support agencies such as FAS; The Citizens Advice Bureau; Adult Education and Adult Guidance Services; Enterprise Boards; Local Development agencies; job clubs; night classes and centres for innovation, which can assist you in moving forward with your career. By doing a Start Your Own Business Course or an accounts course you can learn the tools, which will help you in self-employment.

8. Focus on Wellness

Focus on wellness and develop habits that support you. Become a conscious
choice-maker and choose to develop habits or a daily routine that enhance your physical and mental health. Eating well, exercising, meditating and making conscious healthy choices will help support your dreams.

9. Laugh at Your Own Excuses

Laugh at your own excuses or the stories that you tell yourself about things not being possible. Learn to spot the different forms of resistance that you put up to your own dreams. Laugh when you catch yourself making excuses or telling yourself that ‘now is not the right time’. Every time you are tempted to delay your progress, don’t let yourself off the hook.

10. Put on The Vibration…

Put on the vibration or feeling that you have already achieved your goal. Imagine that right now you have realised your dream. Act as if you have what you want and connect with the feeling that it gives you. Instead of feeling like your path to the future is an uphill battle, bring the feeling of victory and personal triumph into your present moment.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you well on your journey!!

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  • Aileen February 15, 2013  

    Fab words of encouragement and insight.

    • dearbhla February 15, 2013  

      Thanks Aileen. Wish you well with your Career Direction and Training!

  • Jody March 6, 2013  

    Great article, Dearbhla. It makes me think of an article that went viral recently on an 80+-year-old woman who spent her whole life regretting not having gone to university. She finally obtained a university degree a few months before she passed away. People like this woman are an inspiration to us all and show us that no goal is too small or too big, as long as you believe in yourself and are motivated to succeed!

    • dearbhla April 29, 2013  

      Jody, your example just shows us that one is never to old to live a life of no regrets!

  • VOVF March 27, 2013  

    Fantastic advice and very helpful. I’m looking forward to read more articles from you.

    • dearbhla April 29, 2013  

      Thanks Veng for expressing your interest:)

  • Mike walsh April 18, 2013  

    A great refresher from someone who introduced me to having a clear vision. I have found it to be a very powerful tool.