Testimonials and Praise

I help people to clarify and achieve their goals in a direct manner. In my work, I acknowledge the client’s talents, skills and potential. Throughout my sessions, I invite the client to explore new possibilities and support them in moving towards their ideal vocational self.

Here’s what clients are saying:

Adult Clients:

“As a result of my session with Dearbhla, I gained a new sense of confidence. I was able to articulate my skills, experience and suitability in my application to UCD’s Smurfit MSc Programme. I was able to directly address any reservations and convince them of my future potential in the Food Sector”. N.G.

“I wanted to progress onto management in teaching. However, I did not perform well in interviews and was stuck in the same position for years. Through working with Dearbhla, I learned how to sell myself in a concrete and convincing way. I was able to tackle my previous inability to get to the point. Throughout our sessions, I gained the confidence to demonstrate to interview panels my leadership qualities and I secured a promotion. It has made a huge positive difference to my working and family life”. N.S.

“As a result of my coaching sessions with Dearbhla, I was able to create a ‘creative advisory’ position for myself in a fashion company. In the boardroom, I was able to present my ideas and contribution to the shared company vision. My current role has boosted my sense of satisfaction and purpose in my work”. E.K.

Parents of Teenagers:

“Ryan was in sixth year and had no idea what to study at college. I arranged a meeting with Dearbhla for career guidance. She was absolutely brilliant at working out his ability. After that meeting, his mind was made up. He knew exactly what direction he was going to take. Six months into a college course he loves, he has no regrets; there is no going back only forward!” V.H.

“My son opened up to Dearbhla about what he wanted to do for the first time. He tends to be shy and until then, his dreams were locked inside him. Dearbhla helped him to express himself and his dreams about music production. Afterwards, he felt more confident and able to follow through with his goals. He has enrolled in Music Production and is excited about his future”. T.R.

“My daughter needed to clarify her direction and develop more self-belief. Dearbhla helped her identify her path and outlined direct entry approaches and alternative routes. At the end of just two sessions, my daughter had a Plan A, a Plan B and a Plan C. This took the pressure off her in terms of achieving points. Dearbhla also pointed out ways to build experience and confidence through work experience, work-shadowing and volunteering. After her sessions with Dearbhla, she was able to identify her strengths, her interpersonal and practical skills and to truly value her enthusiasm and hard working nature. My daughter could finally see what we had been trying to tell her all along!” A.G.