Career Tips

 Ask yourself…

  • Are you concerned about the uncertain economic climate yet you want to encourage your teenager as best you can in the face of uncertainty?
  • Do you have a teenager whom you care deeply about? Do you want a happy,successful future for them yet lack the knowledge of how to go about helping them?
  • Are you watching an unmotivated teenager and feeling frustrated as to how to get them to focus on working towards a happy future?
  • Are you looking at a teenager who hasn’t a clue what he/she wants to do with their life and has a “whatever” attitude?
  • Are you concerned that your teenagers peer influence has more control over shaping their lives than you have?
  • Are you confused by the amount of courses and choices that are out there and don’t know where to start with your teenager?

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Many parents struggle with teenagers who are prone to distractions and find it hard to focus. Some teens may know what their career goals are, but still find it hard to act and study in a way so that they can reach their goals. To help parents support teenagers to cultivate good study habits I have formulated 10 weekly emails.

My 10 Step Newsletter Programme will:

  • Show how to motivate your teen without nagging
  • Give you tools to increase your teenager’s confidence
  • Help you to get them started on their goals and to follow through
  • Tell you how you can help your teen beat procrastination
  • Help you support your teen in becoming more productive

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