Construction to Archaeology in two sessions – It can be done because it has been done



The people, events and situations outlined below are real.  Names have been changed for privacy purposes. 


The Person: Ray was a construction worker who had been unemployed for four years.  When we met he was feeling very low.  He was apprehensive, Career Guidance was a new experience for him.  His four years were marked by a lack of self-worth and motivation.  He felt that he did not even to deserve to socialise with friends while he was out of work.  He was full of indecision.


The Dream: He knew that it would benefit him to return to learning and having done some research, he was torn between studying Archaeology and studying Renewable Energies.  When we teased out his ‘high dream’, he saw himself at the cutting edge of Archaeology heading a team excavating an ancient site in Egypt.  The thought of being a leader in a field he loved filled him with a mixture of butterflies and excitement.


The Road:  I invited Ray invited to consider a different version of himself, his ideal self.  Ray’s friends said a career in Archaeology offered limited work opportunities.  Everyone was pointing him towards Renewable Energies and windmills as they felt the next wave of employment would arise from Green Energy.

Ray hesitated about direction, age and money.  It had been 15 years since he had been at school and he was concerned about being a mature student.   But he listened to the possibilities.


The Outcome:  In essence, Ray learned through the Career Guidance process to be guided his own inner compass; to be true to himself, to own his own life and make his own decisions.  He chose to go back to College, is now studying Archaeology & Geology and loving it.

Are you feeling stuck in a position? Would you like to manifest your dreams and create a better lifestyle and income for yourself? Would you like to use all of your skills and strengths in a way that allows you to enjoy your work more? Is there  a goal that you have been putting on the long finger? Feel free to comment below.





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